The Law of Magic - The Law of Attraction

Published: 23rd October 2008
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Everyone is capable of magic, but to be good at it, one has to develop certain abilities. To understand this one has to get passed the sticky connotations that have become associated with the word.

Originally the word itself is believed to have come the Greek word "magi", and was used (by the Grecians) to describe the priestly members of the ancient caste of Zoroaster. Revered as wise men, magi were reputed to possess power and control over evil demons and this gave rise to the word "magic". But by the dark days of the medieval age, when life was full of cloaks and daggers, and things unseen, and a new world religion was mercilessly supplanting the old, magic was vilified as 'a dark power' and outlawed. Even to this day it can conjure ideas of sorcerers, witches, wizards, and the like, in the minds of those who do not really understand what it is. And for those who do, and choose to practice the craft, they continue to do so at the risk of being defamed, feared and outcast.

Magic has always been with us, and will always be. It flows from the source that is responsible for the creation of everything. And as expressive extensions of that creative source, each one of us has the ability to cause magic in our lives. In fact, we all do it all the time. But because most of us are not skilled at it, or even know that we are doing it, we fail to recognise it as such.

Most people associate magic with spells, candles, chants, potions, secret gatherings, rituals and so forth. And while it is true these things are commonly used in many traditional practices of magic and are highly effective, they shouldn't be confused as magic, or thought necessary to make magic happen. Instead they should be viewed as focussing devices to make the summoning of magic stronger.

All magic takes place in the mind of the magician but the way that magic is summoned is as varied as the cultures, beliefs, and individuals of this world. When someone prays, or counts beads, or meditates, or practices visualisation, or chants, or dances, or beats on a drum while holding something consistently in their mind, they are performing magic. Magic is flowing energy for a desired result and is activated by exercising concentrated focus on an intention for something to be, and believing it will come to be. This is The Law Of Attraction. Indeed The Law Of Attraction is in many ways a reclaiming of magic for all people and the inalienable right for all to practice it as they choose.

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